The Rules of Shooting are approved to give guidance to archers so they may practice their sport and engage in safe, fair competition with a spirit of friendly rivalry, all in keeping with the motto of “Union, Trueheart and Courtesie”.

The Archery GB rules can be found here.

The Archery GB rules apply to everyone involved in the sport in the UK and it is important that you read and understand them if you are about to compete, organise, or officiate at a tournament run under the auspices of Archery GB.  You will be expected to have a good basic knowledge of them as they apply to your particular form of archery, and to act in accordance with them.  Do not be afraid to ask a Judge at a tournament if you are unsure about something.

If you compete in a tournament in the UK shooting a World Archery round, not only are you subject to the Archery GB rules, but the relevant sections of the World Archery rules, too.  This is mentioned in the applicable AGB rules.

The World Archery rules can be found here.