CWAA will offer financial assistance to Warwickshire archery clubs that are being financially impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. The budget is to assist with day to day running expenses of clubs. As well as applying for a grant from CWAA, the club must also explore and pursue grants from WMAS and other organisations, supply copies of the club’s accountsand a projection of funds for this year.

More than one application can be made. For example, a first application could relate to items needed to returning to shooting (for example, cost of implementing social distancing measures). A later application might be supporting the cash flow of the club (for example, a contribution towards the payment of ground rent where that would normally have been met by beginners’ course income or tournament surpluses). You can apply for up to £500 in each application. This ensures that funds can be available to all clubs.

Applications will be dealt with on a case by case basis and clubs may not receive the full amount that they apply for. CWAA’s Committee will assess the application and ratify the decision in a Committee meeting. We will inform the Club of the outcome as soon as possible after that.

The Club Secretary should complete the application form and forward it to the County Treasurer. The application must be accompanied by copies of the Club’s audited accounts for the previous two years. Make a projection of the Club’s current financial year’s position and send this too. This financial information will contribute to the assessment of the application and the level of grant awarded. Clubs should clearly state where contingency funding has been set to one side (for example, potential loss of shooting ground, replacement of equipment).

If you require advice on how to apply or complete the form then contact the County Treasurer.

Find the application form here

Coroavirus grant form