Warwickshire Summer Postal League

Each summer we run a postal league consisting of three rounds. In the past these have been the Short Metric, Windsor and Western. However starting in 2010 we are changing this to three identical rounds; all Warwicks. We are hoping that the shorter round (it’s only 4 dozen) will encourage more clubs to enter as this will not take so long to shoot and should be more attractive to newer archers. It’s an excellent way to introduce novice archers to competitive archery.

Participating clubs shoot each round at their own ground, one round in each two-month period across the summer season. Team scores are submitted to the league organiser, each club having two teams; one for the top 4 recurve or longbow made scores and one for the top 4 handicap adjusted scores (recurve, compound or longbow). Team awards are presented at the following AGM.

The league is only open to Warwickshire clubs, but it would be nice to have more of them participating so if your club doesn’t take part, go and badger your committee! Further details can be obtained from the organiser, Martyn Ellis and an application form can be downloaded here. If you aren’t in it, you can’t win it! And it’s free!!!

Entry Forms and Results can be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the folders below.