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Updated Archer Financial Assistance Application 31 01 2024

Club Financial Assistance Application

Travel-Expenses-Claim-Form Oct 2022


The CWAA will reimburse the cost of engraving the winners initials, surname, year and club as appropriate to be consistent with the text of previous winners on any of its trophies won at the CWAA Indoor, Outdoor, Field and Clout Championships as well as the Summer Postal League.

The CWAA will also reimburse the cost of engraving the winners name, County name and year on any team trophy won by an official CWAA team at the following shoots a) County Matches b) National Senior and Junior Championships and c) National Team Championships. Before making a claim, the claimant should first have checked with the relevant region or county under whose auspices the shoot has been held that they will not meet the engraving cost. Reimbursement does not extend to the engraving of any medals awarded to the individual archers making up the team.

In both instances above, the claimant should complete a Miscellaneous Expenses claim form (available on the CWAA website) and submit it together with a copy of the relevant receipt to the CWAA Treasurer in accordance with the details on the form.

Misc Expenses Claim Form